Being humbled and learning to be humble

CC0 Public Domain Free for commercial use Link referral required. Click on the image to see the original. “Only the humble soul can be led. Only the humble soul is coachable. Only the humble soul can truly advance in the spiritual life.”–Matthew Kelly

I have had five extremely humbling years. It has been a very good experience for me. Notice I didn’t say it was enjoyable. It’s been a lot of Hell, really. But it was good to have had these experiences that brought me to my knees, broke my leg, caused me to re-evaluate things, rearrange priorities, and set new goals.

Don’t shun the “negative” experiences. The practice of Zen has taught me that all experiences have something to teach us, regardless of whether they seem “good” or “bad.” Alan Watts taught us, with his “game of black and white,” that we have no way of even knowing what good is without bad, or what bad is without good. It’s all revealed within the context of the universal field of opposites. It takes knowledge of one to know the other.

Whether you find being humbled or being humble a good experience will depend on the context. None of us enjoy being humbled, but most of us appreciate a person who is humble. A person who is humble knows their limits, usually because of having had some humbling experiences. A person who is humble is usually kind because of this.

Life is good and I am grateful.

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