Contact Ceilon

There are several ways to contact me, but I’ll line out the best ways to reach me and get a timely response, depending on your purpose for contacting me.

Email: ceilon [at] ceilon [dot] com

Because of the asynchronous nature of email, this is my favorite way to communicate! I am a public school teacher, so I do not answer my phone while I am teaching. In fact, in all interpersonal situations, I’m so old-fashioned that I give 100% of my attention to anyone in my physical presence by appointment or arrangement. Even though I don’t answer my phone during the day (because I can’t answer the phone while I’m teaching) I check my email and text messages with great frequency throughout the day (between classes, during lunch, during my prep/planning time).  If you want to contact me by phone, you should first either email or text me (email is preferred but I will respond to your text), and we’ll set up a time for a phone call.

My workday is also not the only time I don’t answer my phone unless I have a pre-arrangement with you. Because I get up very early in the morning (around 3:30am or 4:30am, depending on the day), I go to bed really early! I do not take phone calls after 6:30pm in the evening. When I go to bed I turn my phone off. (Again, yes, I am very old-fashioned this way…) I do not take phone calls in the morning until I’m driving to work (by pre-arrangement, and hands-free, of course).

This is the beauty of that premiere asynchronous communication delivery system, email! You can email me when it is convenient for you. I can email you back when it is convenient for me. Everybody’s happy!

Also, if you are going to email me, please make sure that your contact information is in the email you sent. Also, please indicate why you are emailing me, and be as specific as you can. Let me know if it is urgent, important, or if you are just saying hello. Urgent or important emails regarding our mutual interests will receive the fastest responses! ?

Phone: 1+406-578-8822

This is by far the least reliable way to contact me unless we have a pre-arranged appointment! (See above under “Email.”) Additionally, for whatever reason, sometimes my voicemail does not work. This is a glitch that I have reported to Verizon but which they still have not managed to identify much less solve. It’s one of those frustrating things like when you go to the mechanic because your car has been making a terrible noise but in the presence of the mechanic it clams up and won’t do it for him. There is a possibility that I will not get your voicemail message. If that happens, please send me an email or a text and let me know that you’ve been waiting to hear back from me. I promise I am not ignoring you!

Text: 1+406-578-8822

If you are going to text me, make sure you identify yourself in the text message. I know this has become a bit of a lost art, but unless I know for sure that someone has my number programmed into their phone (e.g., my closest friends and relatives, my boss, etc.), I always identify myself when I send a text: “Hi, Friendly Publisher. Ceilon Aspensen, here. I am responding to your recent message offering me a publishing contract for my latest book…”

Likewise, I find it helpful to receive identification from the person sending me a text so I don’t make a fool of myself when responding. So many of the texts I receive look like this, lately: “Hey, girl! How’s it going? Want to get together this weekend?” It is quite embarrassing for me to have to ask someone who thinks s/he is on such intimate terms with me, “I might, but first….who are you?” Unfortunately, many business professionals have the same tendency: “Hi, Ceilon!  I’d love to talk to you about a great opportunity I have for you. Could you let me know when we can set up a phone call?” You may have every intention of sounding mysterious or building the suspense, but it just sounds spammy–I don’t know if you are going to try to sell me a timeshare or if you are someone who is going to offer me gallery representation or to be my publishing agent, or (most frequently, recently) try to sell me an extended warranty for my truck.

All of that to say: if you are going to text me, please identify yourself so I can text or call you back immediately to find out about that amazing offer! ?

Snail Mail: PO Box 51472, Billings, MT 59105

Last, but not least, there’s snail mail. This is surely the slowest boat to China, but it’s still reliable and it works. If you need to send me something (that publishing contract, for instance), send it on over!