Ceilon’s Library

I read a lot. I don’t have any way of knowing how many books I’ve read in my life to date, but I’m sure it’s well over a thousand. When I lived in Baltimore, I actually tracked how many books I read each year. It was around sixty. If you multiply sixty by the last thirty years (when I started college), that’s about eighteen hundred books. There’s no way I’ll ever remember them all.

But there are books I read over, and over, and over again. Those are the books I’ve included in this library section. I’ve done my best to categorize them so I can break up the list into manageable parts. If you follow my blog you’ll notice I refer to these books a lot.

The list is a living breathing thing, growing as I find more indispensable tomes to add to my life collection. I hope you find them as useful and enjoyable as I have.

Books by Genre/Category:

  • Fiction:
    • Fantasy
    • Horror
    • Mystery
    • Romance
    • Science Fiction
    • Suspense/Thriller
    • Western
    • Women’s Fiction
    • Young Adult
  • Nonfiction:
    • Academic
    • Autobiography/Biography
    • Creative Nonfiction
    • Cultural Studies
    • History
    • How-to
    • Inspirational
    • Journalism
    • Memoir
    • Reference
    • Science
    • Technology
    • Visual Arts
    • Writing