Make sure the stories you listen to are true

“We become the stories we listen to.” —Matthew Kelly

Right now there’s a huge opportunity for gossip in my community of which many are availing themselves. This only muddies the waters, stokes the fears, and doesn’t solve any problems.

Make sure the stories you listen to are true. If you’re not sure, you can be certain that anything beginning with, “I heard…” is likely NOT true. Stick to the facts. Redirect the conversation to something useful, helpful, uplifting, and kind. Don’t stoke the fears of our children for an opportunity to gossip.

If we become the stories we listen to, BE the truth by only allowing truthful stories to be told in your presence.

This is a battle I fight every day, especially working with kids. But it’s not just the kids.

Be the truth.

Life is good and I am grateful.

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